Brooklyn Diary

I'm so excited to see the new Lines and Shapes book, Brooklyn Diary and honored to be a part of it!

Brooklyn Diary
Curated by Lena Corwin

About the Book:

brooklyn, old and new, is known for its diversity and creative spirit. brooklyn diary takes a look inside the daily lives of twenty-one brooklyn artists, documented by ten different photographers. a place that is both dirty and beautiful, artistic endeavors are abundant in brooklyn– from fashion and photography to organic gardens and distinctive food. the book is divided into categories of walk, eat, shop, home, and studio, and the artists profiled have shared their favorite (often lesser known) brooklyn spots, making it also the perfect, unconventional guide book for those planning to visit.

Lindsey Adams Adelman
Jessica Antola
Jen Causey
Brian W. Ferry
Hikaru Furuhashi
James Gallagher
Julianna Goodman
Jennifer Gordy
Thayer Allyson Gowdy
Tim, Anna, Benji & Casper Harrington
Nidhi Malhotra
Jen Mankins
Lisa Mayock
Caitlin Mociun
Pam Morris
Christopher Silas Neal
Sarah Palmer
Youngna Park
Christopher David Ryan
Sarah Ryhanen
Jennifer Sarkilahti
Shannon South
Bronagh Staley
Kirsten Kay Thoen
Breanne Trammell
Maria Alexandra Vettese
Candice Waldron & Maya Rose
Jessica Williams

6.5 x 8.75 in (16.5 x 22.2 cm)
112 pages, perfect bound,
offset, full color
1000 copy single edition
release date: 10/11/10
$32 + shipping
($27 discounted price for pre-order and will receive their books on 10/7, four days before the release date).

Pre-order here.


Gradietion of Seasons

How exciting to feel the warmer air, see the small patches of green growing in my yard.
Now the winter is fading off, and I love to sense the gradation of two seasons.
I'm glad today was warm enough and wasn't painful to hang dry my dance class lappas outside.
Happy for the spring and missing the winter at the same time, as always!


Back in Stock

The Afrika Knot Necklaces are back in stock in my store. It's lighter than the old versions, in order to give some twists for people to play with. The combination of fabric is focused on blues and oranges this time, I think it gives necklace nice contrasting colors.
I buy most of my West African fabric from Amadou from Senegal. His store looks like a fabric store at first glance, but there are tailor, hair salon, incense and perfume sections in the back and also it’s a hang out spot for the neighbors. So africa! This time I went back to his store with some Wolof phrases saved on my iphone as I've started to study it a bit. He was so nice that let me practice some simple conversation and he even told me some new phrases.


3 Places to Visit

I get emotional when I think about these 3 places I want to visit. I've been pulled to those culture and nature a bit too much that my imagination got a bit too far. The fire you see in the drawing above is my love fire ;) Thinking about the future travel is like having a crash on someone.

What are your 3 places you want to visit?


Help Haiti

As we all know, Haiti can use some helping hands right now.
Think about your extra money in your pocket.
It can be used for people who really need it.
Share your wealth!
Let's help!