3 Places to Visit

I get emotional when I think about these 3 places I want to visit. I've been pulled to those culture and nature a bit too much that my imagination got a bit too far. The fire you see in the drawing above is my love fire ;) Thinking about the future travel is like having a crash on someone.

What are your 3 places you want to visit?


  1. I would love to travel more in the Himalayas...I've been to Dharamshala where the Dalai Lama now lives and it is beautiful there...so are all the places in the Himalayas! It's magical there but it's been a long time since I went. I would love to go to Ladakh and Lhasa :)

  2. there's so many places I want to see, I've never been outside Europe and North America! If I have to choose only three I'll go with:
    1: Japan (traditional craft + modern design architecture, food, and I have all these images in my head from reading Haruki Murakami books) :)
    2. Argentina (Buenos Aires, steaks, incredible landscapes, I've never been to South America)
    3. Iceland (geysirs, hot springs, ponies, beautiful landscape)

  3. Nidhi,
    lucky you, you've been to Himalayas! I just watched a documentary about Bhutan and added it to my list :) Even it's expensive to travel, (need to hire a guide) seems like the culture is well preserved. I'd love to go to Dharamshala and Ladakh, too.

    did we meet before briefly at the BurdaStyle event? How you've been enjoying Brooklyn? I wonder you are the same person I'm thinking! I think you'd enjoy Japan - the craft related things are like heaven there & yes, Argentina & Iceland are good ideas :) Iceland isn't far from NY, too!

  4. Hikaru,
    yes yes, that's me, I wasn't sure you'd remember me! I'm liking brooklyn a lot, it's a nice place to live, and there's so much more to discover!
    I liked your blog post about food in queens a lot, getting to know new neighborhoods (and parts of the world) by checking out the food is so much fun! sunset park is one of the next places on our list, my husband lived there a few years back, and I've been reading about it a lot lately. have you been?
    all the best!

  5. I'm glad that you are enjoying here :) Yes, there are still so much to discover after living here 3.5 years too. It's just so many people here in New York. Queens is a lot fun, and more you explore, more you find cool things! Amazing. BurdaStyle has moved to Midtown (Rockfeller center), Please come visit us soon!
    Love, Hikaru

  6. oh, I'd love to come visit, but it's difficult during the week, I work in soho right now... maybe you can convince the boss ladies to host a visit-the-studio-and-meet-the-team-night with some wine and snacks sometime! would love to see you again!