Uggg. Today is such a gloomy day, icy cold, dark, and it was snowing in the morning. The past few days had been so spring and happy, this is such a tease!

Gloomy air makes me look for something vivid and eye dazzling.. and warm, of cause.

My dream blanket, Pendleton.

Tauba from Sf, she was Jeff's neighbor artist.

My friend Danny. I miss him.


My favorite time of year has (almost) started. I love that I can take more brighter picture at home. All my pics over the winter time is so dark and grainy.

I baked the 5th bread from my sourdough starter. It's getting much better. It rises quickly and the flavor got more depth - mild, pleasant sour-ness! Yum.

I also got a lovely pair of "grandma slippers" from Ukrain via Etsy :-) Love it!


Knit and Bake#3.
Great tea time with baked goods, knitting with Tomoe, Doug and Jan.

Branch meet up at 4pm! Slow day, warm earlier but freezing later.
I had a mismatch sock today.


A dreamy playhouse by Judith Needham.
Someday when I have little kids I want to let them own this castle!

Emily from Go Go Distro kindly blogged about WW's Rope Necklace which is on sale on my Etsy store. I'm so pumped that she liked it + made my day :-) Emily was introduced to me via my dear friend Aichen Lin, thanks Aichen!

Go Go Distro
Emily's Etsy Shop

I like spring time. It's my favorite season, may be because I am a spring born.
Today I made Wonder Wonder's spring 2009 color mood board. So excited to play with colors!