Happy New Year!

Last year as Wonder Wonder I had the freedom to work on what I wanted to make. I was able to share the result with many people and received a very welcome response. I'm really encouraged when people are happy with my Wonder Wonder creations. It makes me happy and fuels my creativity :) Through the process I also learned a lot about making a business out of making things. I feel so fortunate to have come to know many designers who make amazing works (Thank you Lena!) and collaboration with an online magazine (Thank you Paul!) Having freelance design jobs pays my bills and enables me to work on WW without too much pressure to make money (Thank you my clients!). Of course, there are still SO MANY things I want to learn and improve, but I know that the most essential thing is to make good work. It's simple but true. In 2010, I'm looking forward to work on new print designs - from something wearable to viewable. My work flow won't have as quick of a turn around, but I like the word "slow and steady wins the race" so I'm going to enjoy the making process. I cannot wait to show all of you what's in store for Wonder Wonder 2010 ;)

Thank you!

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