What's David Wearing?

This is my co-worker and friend, David.
David a designer and artist who makes beautiful crochet accessories as Chauncey P. Graham.
He is probably one of my favorite fashionista in my everyday life. I love coming to our work in the morning, and find out what he's wearing today. It's always a great surprise and fun to see his mix and match. He's so talented doing that.
He loves thrift store shopping in his back home in D.C., and here in NYC he mixed them into his lovely crochet creations and things he picks up in the city.

Today He was wearing his thrifted a great green jumpsuit that fits him perfectly, and a cool red scarf, then he matched them with his yellow crochet hat he made, American Apparel cardigan and H&M white flipflops. (! it wasn't that cold today, but I still admire for the choice)
Isn't it so fun and adorable? It makes me happy because I can see how much he's enjoying styling them. His color choices are so GOOD!

You can read more about his creative styling tips etc here, David's Blog: http://yesdavidishere.wordpress.com

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