Flower People

First time I heard about a ethnic group called Hmong was in Wisconsin over the X'mas break. My Fiance is from there, and his best friend growing up's parents are hippies, and I saw a beautiful embroidared picture something like this, at their house. Featuring bunch of farm animals and farming, agriculture, and life. I just loved the expression of everyday life and warm, colorful look. So I asked the hippy parents where it was from, and what kind of people makes this. I thought it was from Guatemara or something, but it was by Hmong people live in the small community in Wisconsin. I was so pulled to get more information.

The terms Hmong (pronounced [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]) and Mong ([mɔ̃ŋ]) refer to an Asian ethnic group in the mountainous regions of southeast Asia. Hmong are also one of the largest sub-groups in the Miao minzu population in southern China. Beginning in the 18th century, Hmong groups began a gradual southward migration due to political unrest and to find more arable land. As a result, Hmong currently also live in several countries in Southeast Asia, including northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Burma.

If you read more on wiki, you'll find a tough history of Hmong people why they had to travel so much, and as I heard from the hippies, of cause there was a history of segregation after they migrated to US, etc.. I was told by my fiance that I probably look like a native american or Hmong person to older people in WI, because I'm an asian and has "oriental look" and that's how white it is in there.

Soon after I searched over internet, I found the images of how women of Flower Hmong people dress! I guess "Flower Hmong" is a western nickname to those group in Hmong people who dress up like living flowers, mostly living in the part of Vietnam. I thought that their outfits are one of the best thing in fashion I've seen lately. I don't know if they are featured in the Tibor/Maira Kalman's Unfashion but they shoud've if they didn't! (I don't have a copy here at home) The garment has the overall tone of light pink with a very detailed embroidary all over and the complex layering of different colorful fabric. and I love the plaid head scarf with an accent of neon fringes and pompoms! It's just super well styled, to me, in the most interesting way! Here's some good ones I found from googling.


  1. Wow!! Love those outfits so much! And the pom-poms! So inspired. Like techno-folk!


  2. i feel inspired too and it even makes me want to get into the tedious process of making a lot of pom poms! the bright pink reminds me of korean folk costumes that i love (i'm 1/4 korean). it's the best get into new cultures via your loved ones isn't it.

  3. excellent images and beautiful fabrics! I love the baby backpack photo.

    The movie Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood deals with a group of Hmong families living in Detroit. It tries to present their culture as maintained in american cities like Detroit, but left me wanting to know more. Thanks for the info and images!

  4. Bree- Yes! I totally want to make more pom poms too!

    Elina- I'm curious how korean folk consumes look like. Is it something like "chima chogori"? I love it - one of a girl I went to school with wore it for the graduation celemony - it was like rainbow and so pretty!

    Doug- I'm going to rent that movie! I'd love to get know more about Hmong people's culture..

  5. techno folk! i love it. makes me want to pull my early ultramarine albums out!

    david john

  6. wow i didnt know you had a blog! your flikr was the first one i looked at.. you inspired me to get a good camera :)